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Posted by Neil on November 28, 2011

When starting my first motorcycle rocking horse project, which I later named The General, I thought it would be easy to find free woodworking plans online. However, the only truly free plans I could find at the time was a design by a guy named Wolfgang Besler in Germany. Unfortunately, his design doesn’t capture the look I wanted. But just in case someone else likes it, here’s the instructions in semi-broken Google translated English:

The rocking motorcycle shown here has been in use for two years, the wheels turn freely and as does the front forks.

Motorcycle Rocker Built by Klaus Oekler

The items to be created and then the structure is explained by itself when you set the dimensions of the wood panels in conjunction with the plans.


  • Spruce 28 mm – Centerpieces
  • Spruce 28 mm – lateral patch parts
  • Beech 19 mm thick – for wheels (x2)

You’ll also need M8 threaded rod, matching nuts and washers, and various key and lock screws.

To always have the same outline, I had cut from heavy cardboard for each part of a pattern with the approximate outline of the parts and then subsequently adjusted so that they fitted with cutting edges on the plates.

Everything else was then a matter of sanding. The wheels are double sized and the other round parts then revised on the lathe.

The bike itself can be removed by 2 carriage bolts are removed from the upper block, and thus be used as a solo part in the rocking part. That will set the wheels and the steering, I Alurohrstückchen respectively (10 foreign and 8 domestic) used as an additional hub. In between, then the threaded rod parts with M8.

After completion, I used an inlet base, finely sanded and then sprayed with clear lacquer. The second bike I’ve ausbearbeitet as in the drawing up models of cylinders and the exhaust pipes of the router.

The templates provided below to download do not meet the original size but are sized so that they are just printed on a sheet of A4 paper. Should be sufficient to order it to make their own enlargements or recreate the outline accordingly.

Motorcycle Rocking Horse by Wolfgang Besler

(Click to view larger image)

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